How to get ALL search engines to crawl your React website

Google can read a react site, but other search engines cant!

Are you finding that Bing and other search engines can't read your React page? They just show the index page and no content.  

Why does this happen? Well many search engines can't see React sites as they don't know how to build them, crawlers are designed to manually go through html and use rules to rank and search for content, they aren't that concerned about what the site looks like, so they don't run your scripts.  

This is a major problem for web developers using React, but not anymore. Thankfully helps by doing this for all search engines, it builds the html for the entire site on demand and caches it for search engines. It is in expensive and you can get it working pretty quickly - see the two articles below.

For IIS, Azure App Services and for Azure Front Door I wrote the following articles which can help you setup really quickly!

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 Prerender® Docs

 Website developers use Prerender® to serve static HTML to JavaScript crawling Googlebots.

Get more information on Prerender®  for React/Vue and other middlewares 

popupimage Azure App Service Setting Azure App Service Setting

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Azure App Services and Pre-render IO when using Azure Front Door

Solved problem with and Azure Front door. Using X-Forwarded-Host

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